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Tarot and Oracle Card Readings

Are you feeling unbalanced or blocked in some or all areas of your life?

Do you find that moving forward to your next stage is meet with resistance?

Are you just not sure what to do next and need some guidance to support you on your journey?

I can support you on your journey of healing, growth and living an abundant life in all ways. 

I am Intuitive Empath and have always been able to tune into how others are feeling with ease, understand on a deeper level what they are experiencing and offer support that brings clarity and understanding. 


Using the gifts of the Clairs my guidance comes through Clairsentience, which is the clear feeling where I am in tuned with your energy through feeling, sensations and vibrations, Claircognizance, clear knowing where information is given to me by a way of a information being available through a strong sense of being able to know what to do or where to go next and Clairaudience which is clear hearing where words, song lines or saying, as an example, run through my mind which has a meaning or a message for the client.

You can book a One Hour Reading for $111

To learn more or book an appointment click on the learn more button or call me on 0409600479

Dors McPhillamy says:

I have been blessed to have been on the receiving end of a few of Natalee's intuitive readings and I have found them to be both insightful and accurate. She was able to tune into my energy easily and connect with what I was feeling and thinking. The messages she delivered from our beautiful Divine, offered so much clarity and guidance. Helping the fog to clear and allowing me to take another step forward. 
I highly recommend Natalee to anyone that feels stuck on their spiritual path and would like to gain some clarity.

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