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An Exciting Announcement

Hello everyone,

I am really excited to announce the launch of a new private support group right here on the website!

I have had a Facebook group for quite a while but have found myself feeling a real pull away from FB over the last few months as I have experienced my own new chapter of my awakening journey and as I have dived deeper into my own spiritual path.

But I really want to continue the support of each other on our journey and as I know a lot of people have been really feeling the effects of the events not only here in Australia but the world as well and this moving us rapidly along our awakening and healing journey.

This has moved me to create an interactive group on my website. This is a private group where we can share our journey, I can continue to support you but it will be a super safe and private space, something I have more and more been feeling we don't have on FB.

So if you are feeling the shift on your own awakening and would love to have the support of those who are also on a similar journey and would like to support them I would like to invite you to join us in Heal Your Mind, Heart and Soul.

I look forward to seeing you in there.


Nat x

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