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Freedom starts from within.

Freedom starts from within, but this can be easier said then done sometimes.

So, what is freedom? How can we feel true freedom?

A person can feel freedom in any situation or they can feel trapped and stuck and not in control of what is happening, how they are feeling or thinking.

To gain true freedom it takes making conscience choices in each moment of each day to decide whether or not we give our power away to others and things and allow our emotions to run free and wild or whether we will see it for what it is and to let it go so we have true freedom to be ourselves, live our truth and to be content.

You need to allow yourself the space and the time to be able to do this. When we fill each day and don't give ourselves the space and time to just be, to explore what it is we need and want, to create the space in our mind and world to have those things, thoughts and feelings, that is when we start to find we feel we have lost control and our freedom.

What's important to you?

It is easy to loss sight of what is important to you and what makes you happy, content and balanced.

When we have pushed aside what makes us tick, what brings us joy and what truly is in alignment with who we are, we find we feel powerless and lost.

Creating space, time and opportunity to take that time to get to know ourselves again is the first to to bringing a sense of freedom back into our world.


We fill our days chock full of things to do. We go to work, then our kids have back to back activities after school, house work, homework plus hundreds of little things that fill all our minutes of everyday. We get to the stage where all we say is "Yes" and all we do is do. Yes I can do that, yes we can go there, yes I can make that happen. It can become overwhelming, stressful and sometimes leave us feeling powerless and down right exhausted.

Create some time for yourself, to give you the mental space to see what is necessary and what isn't. A time audit is great for this. Spend a few days tracking how you spend your time. It gives you the opportunity to see where you use your time wisely and where it is wasted because you can become so overwhelmed you are not doing anything effectively and you are constantly chasing your tail. This brings us to physical space.

Physical Space:

Create physical space by cutting some things out. Chances are there will be activities you do everyday that are not necessary and things that are in your home and other regular environments that are taking up your time, energy and thought space that adds that extra layer, pressure and stress that contributes to the overwhelm.

Spend some time removing clutter from your home, car, handbag, work area etc. Create space and time by removing items that require extra work to look after, carry around or take up valuable space in your home and your life that you really don't need. These things can also create confusion, a sense of urgency when not needed and another thing that needs to be looked after or accommodated.

Mental Space:

Sometimes mental space is what is needed. Its gives you the space you need to order your thoughts, really have a good look at what is happening and how you can make the changes you need to bring back the sense of control over your own life again.

When creating some mental space to reflect on regaining control over your life, thoughts and feelings some wonderful tools you can use are:




A weekend away with your family having fun and not thinking about the everyday.

Take a break from social media, electronics, phones. Turn those notifications off.

Talking with a close friend

Talking with a professional such as a counselor, life coach or spiritual mentor.

By doing these things plus more will help you bring balance back into your life and give you a new sense of freedom that will bring immense joy, contentment and happiness into your life.

Love and Light

Natalee xxx

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