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Who do you want to be?

"Be the person you needed when you were younger." is one of my favorite quotes. It really speaks to me and always makes me stop and think about who am I and am I living as the best version of myself, am I authentic and nurturing to those around me, to myself and how can I grow and learn more to be that person.

I mentioned to one of my clients that this was one of my favorite saying and she asked me do I have an attribute for the "be the person you needed when you were younger"? I wanted to answer this question here with you all, as it is a saying that has so much depth that can be explored.

There are many attributes that you can use to help you move towards this goal. The outcome is different for everyone because we are all different, unique and have different needs and it’s an ongoing growth process.

Some attributes that are needed are insight, acceptance, forgiveness and self-love just to name a few. These all create a space for growth, learning, love and healing to change and expand who you are and how you perceive the world around you and how you perceive yourself.


In order to be this person we need to know ourselves, both the positive and negative aspects of ourselves and this requires insight. Being open and honest. Acknowledging the the positive and the negative and not judging yourself but accepting and loving yourself regardless and forgiving yourself where necessary.


We need both self-acceptance and acceptance of others and situations. An example of this is your partner has a trait that you find hard to live with and they don't want to change it. Acceptance is where you accept them how they are and then need to decide whether you can live with the trait. And if you can't live with it, accept that also and make the decision to move on. Accepting them for who they are, accepting that it isn't your job to change them and accepting you need something different. It can be a hard choice but maybe necessary to make.


Forgiveness of not only for others but for ourselves as well and then loving who we are and being proud of ourselves as people and being open to grow and develop as a person. By being able to forgive and accept that we are human and make mistakes, that we are able to change and grow as people is an empowering step towards becoming that person. This makes room for joy, fun, fulfillment and love to come into our lives abundantly and we become more open to giving more of the same.

Self Love

f.hen we gift self acceptance, insight and forgiveness towards ourselves we start to develop love for ourselves. We start to see ourselves in a different way and respect ourselves in the same way we respect our loved ones and our friend. We will find that this will start to change the way we view, interact and behave in the world and will also enrich our lives and our relationships as we approach it all with a high regard for our-self.

These are some attributes needed to become the person we are meant to be, not a new you because you already are an amazing person. It’s about being the most authentic and empowered version of you.

It’s also about taking your experiences and learning and growing from them.

Personal growth is a continual journey and has the opportunity to be such an amazing experience. It will take you on a journey to places, experiences and people that had you not done the work you may never have had the pleasure to do or meet. The rewards are endless.

What traits do you feel you need for being able to obtain this goal?

Start the journey today, you wont be sorry,

Natalee xxx

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