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An ancient way to calm your mind and imbue your space with a sense of peace and joy. 

Incense sticks are an easy way to enjoy the calming and clearing benefits of the amazing Frankincense. Many people use it for imbuing a peaceful atmosphere into their homes and sacred spaces, for meditation, contemplative practices and for situation where concentration and focus is required. 

This is a completely natural incense, hand rolled using traditional incense making techniques which combine natural resins, herbs and aromatic oils with honey to create an absolutely divine, long burning incense (approx 1 hour per stick). Nitiraj was originally created in 1978 for the London market and its popularity has grown throughout the years aiding in its global expansion. 

1 box x 25gms

Each box contains 20 sticks of incense.

Nitiraj Frankincense Incense

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