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Are you feeling unbalanced or blocked in some or all areas of your life?

Do you find that moving forward to your next stage is meet with resistance?

Are you just not sure what to do next and need some guidance to support you on your journey?

I can support you on your journey of healing, growth and living an abundant life in all ways.

I am Intuitive Empath and have always been able to tune into how others are feeling with ease, understand on a deeper level what they are experiencing and offer support that brings clarity and understanding.

I use a variety of card decks and will draw on either one deck or multiple decks depending on what I am guided to use through the session.

The reading is video recorded and emailed to you along with photos of the cards drawn so please make sure your email address is correct when booking. 

I look forward to supporting you on your journey.


Nat x

Tarot and Oracle Card Reading

  • Reading will be done within 5 business days of you purchasing.

    The reading will be video recorded and emailed to you, along with photo's of all cards drawn to your email address.

    Please ensure the email address is correct.


    Natalee x

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