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Natalee Hudson

Hello and welcome, I am Natalee and I work with women to empower and inspire them to bring balance and alignment into their lives so they can live a life that is more connected to themselves and those around them.


We are ever evolving beings, seeking to learn, grow and live a life of purpose, meaning and connection. We experience many life events, and changes that find us in a place where we question if how we were living is what we are comfortable with anymore. We find that as we grow what we want and how we wish to live changes with each season of our lives and we can find ourselves in a place where we don’t align with any longer and don’t know what we need to do to make those changes.






I have been working to support others for over twenty years to regain their empowerment and back in 2017 I was drawn to start working privately with women when I experienced firsthand just how important it was to listen to yourself and your body to the messages you are receiving to make changes to realign your life and path to who you are evolving to be.

I have a range of modalities that I use to support you on your healing journey.





I support women to bring balance and alignment back into their, building confidence, growing their intuition, reconnect to their inner wisdom supporting them to rediscover the joy in their lives so they can live more fully and connected with themselves and their loved ones.


When you ignore the signs or find you “don’t have time” to stop and look deeper we find ourselves becoming anxious, increase physical symptoms such mysterious aches and pains, broken sleep and feelings of exhaustion even if you have had a full night’s sleep. Taking simple steps to listen to and honour yourself will bring you more peace, rest and ability to do more with less effort in your life because you have more energy, space to think and are doing more of what feels natural.

I offer a variety of appointment times both during the day, evenings and on the weekend and all appointments are held via Zoom video conferencing making it easier for you to be able to receive the support you need.






Click the button below and to learn more about how I how I can support you to feel like you again and move into the job, career or business that you know you and your family deserve.

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Natalee is a wonderful giving person who has helped me delve further into myself and continue along my path to healing. Her heartfelt words and advice have assisted me to pay attention to the inner work that I know I should be doing and have helped me to find a way to explore what I'm feeling and how to deal with these feelings. - Christina

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