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Reiki and Crystal Healing

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Reiki Healing

What you can expect during your healing is a short consultation about you, getting to know you, areas of concern and points to consider, a full Energy healing, Charka's cleared, balanced and unblocked and then we finish with and messages and insights that have come through with the healing. REIKI means universal life force energy. Everything has energy or “KI” in it. Reiki is a modality that promotes relaxation, clarity and wellbeing. The benefits of Reiki * improved overall health and wellbeing * greater emotional balance * increased energy and balance * elimination of stress and anxiety * helps connect you to your true self This is a beautiful and restorative treatment that leaves you feeling rested and full of energy.

There is two options for these appointments.

One Hour Healing for $100

Holistic Mind Body and Soul, for $160, an hour and half session that incorporates massage, a healing and intuitive messages.

Click the Book Here button below to learn more or book your appointment or call me on 0409600479 for a no obligation call to discuss what would best suit your needs.

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