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Create Your Vision For 2023- One Day Retreat

Live Your Values, Connect To Your Purpose, Manifest the Life You Want

Intention Setting and Vision Board One Day Retreat In Maiden Gully, Victoria

Investment of just $150 per person, $50 non refundable deposit, the rest payable by the Sunday the 15th of Jan 2023.

Where: Maiden Gully Community Hall, 711 Calder Hwy, Maiden Gully

Time: 8.30am registration to 5.30pm

Join us on January 22nd 2023 at Maiden Gully Community Hall for a beautiful of exploration, intention setting and fun.

Connect with others who are on their own awakening journey, create friendships, gain support from each other and manifest your vision for 2023.

During this day retreat, you will reflect on what you have learnt from the past year, the growth you have experienced and what you are ready to let go of in order move forward, you will set your intentions for 2023, and then create a vision board for this year and beyond.

This is the perfect opportunity for those who have been through a massive awakening to spend the time to center, realign and become clear on the next stage of their journey.

From this workshop you will:

• Walk away with a beautiful personalised vision board and clarity on what you want going forward.

• Reflect on the past year, your achievements, learning, and challenges

• Set an intention for the next year, name your vision and connect with your purpose

• Step into the next year with trust & faith in your dreams

• Connect your vision and dreams with your desires, meaning and purpose identifying what you want to feel in your life right now.

• Enjoy meditations throughout the day to clear, gain clarity and create space for your visions to manifest throughout 2023.

• Leave feeling prepared, empowered, motivated and inspired to create an amazing year

• Put positive and action based energy into what you are creating for your year ahead.

• Creatively transform want into have

• Take charge of your life, share this experience with others

• Share and connect, have fun and enjoy the creative process

• Feel energised and connected to yourself and your purpose

What to bring:

• Bottle of water for you to drink

• Wear comfortable clothes

• An attitude of fun, excitement and open to the creative to flow and grow.

Included in the workshop:

• Morning and afternoon tea

• Lunch

• Tea, coffee, drinks

• All materials to create your vision boards, (though you can bring some materials you would like as well)

To book your place click here:

I hope you can join me

Love Nat xxx

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