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Navigating the evolution of the soul during a time of growth

Well by 9am Monday morning this week I was saying, my god it's been a day, and it didn't stop.

All day it was one thing after another, different types of issues, hick ups, and challenges, it was stressful I don't mind admitting.

We all have days like this where is just seems one thing after another hits you, you need to deal with even though you wish someone else could.

Believe it or not it is all part of our growth, the lessons we are to learn, the strengths we need to build and the shadows we need to acknowledge and heal.

When these days happen it is important to try to not allow yourself become swallowed up in it, but to take extra moments in the day to breathe, ground and come back to center.

Look at what is coming up, what feelings are being bought to the surface, what fears are being exposed and see it as an opportunity to work through those and move beyond.

Take time to look after yourself, and take some time out if needed.

Instead of saying why is this happening to me, say instead what is this trying to tell me, show so I can grow.

When we do this we reclaim our power and start to find solutions rather than it snow balling and growing bigger than what we believe we can handle.

Over the coming weeks we will be experiencing all types of triggers as the energies intensify as the world moves, shakes and realigns.

This is all part of the next stage of the evolution of the human soul and by learning to move and flow with the changing tides rather than fighting them you will be able to navigate this experience a lot more fluidly.

It will still be uncomfortable but all growth is uncomfortable as we shed the old to make way for the new it is just how we navigate it that will dictate how long we feel the discomfort.


Nat x

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